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Despite Impossible

I am Tansley Stearns, and this is Despite Impossible. I am a long-time credit union executive leading Community Financial as president & ceo. I have always admired and been inspired by people whose passion is boundless and who don’t comprehend the word impossible. This show focuses on their stories.

Why wait?
S1 Episode 1 – Tony Roko

Tony Roko, an awe-inspiring artist with a big heart for Plymouth, MI is our first guest.

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Fueling dreams

Impossible dreams share something in common, they all felt insurmountable. Perhaps this is the reason many dreamers don’t bring them to the starting line. Fighting the fear of the unknown can be terrifying.

Could you take the first step today? It might be as simple as sharing it with people you trust.

Need a boost? Reach out! I am always open to connecting with a fellow dreamer.